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We are here to support the client, so the services that we provide range depending on what the client wants. Most of our clients come to us because they decide to change the strategy of their business, need advice on how to produce more sales or require day-to-day personal and business management support. All our solutions are tailor-made and we always suggest the best strategy for you based on our wide experience.

Since our services vary in accordance with our clients' requirements, our approach is to first learn everything about the business and then implement the required tasks and support our clients to reach their goals. We do not waste your precious time and try to anticipate your needs and take care of them before we are asked to do so. Our bespoke services are made especially for you and your business. We will take care of your diary and calendar management, scheduling of meetings and conferences, planning and organising your journeys and events, minute by minute, 24 hours a day, leaving you stress-free but still in control, so you can focus on the more important tasks.

We can also help you to enhance your corporate image and brand awareness by creating you your own unique and recognisable style, which includes your corporate logo, Facebook and Twitter profiles and if necessary, website design and promotion. It is of vital importance that your brand is talked about and that your customers see your logo and recognise it instantly. Our artistic and creative staff will assist you with choosing the right style, colour and graphic elements which will become an integral part of your corporate identity.

We aim to provide a unique solution for your problem and to guide you through every step based on our own best practice. We work very hard to ensure that the client achieves the results that they want. We are here to support you 100% in everyday life, be it professional or private.


Diary Management and Scheduling

Keywords: time management, scheduling of meetings and diary management.

If you are considering outsourcing your diary and management of ad-hoc activities whilst your personal assistant is on holiday, maternity or sick leave, then you have come to the right place. Virtual Blue Bird provides virtual assistance as well as one-to-one personal assistance services. Our highly skilled and experienced staff work with high profile executives and are ready to provide support in arranging meetings, events, conferences, private jets and resorts for impeccable holidays.

Our virtual assistants can work virtually from any location in the world and offer you remote assistance with administrative, technical or creative tasks. Virtual assistance is the best solution if you wish to maximise the effectiveness of your business, but do not want to employ extra personnel. This service covers a wide range of activities from daily admin tasks to ad-hoc projects and last minute arrangements. We understand how busy you are and that is why we do our best to maximise your precious time by understanding problems quickly, minimising your involvement in daily tasks and maximising the effectiveness of your business.

At Virtual Blue Bird we like complex and challenging tasks. Whilst even the most professional PA's need a few weeks to understand the basics of your business we provide a proactive, comprehensive and confidential PA service from day one. Ultra sharp, organised and accurate, with immaculate attention to detail, we will hit the ground running so that you can concentrate on what really matters to you.


Event Organising and Management

Keywords: Organisation, planning and management of the events, from small private to extravagant VIP

At Virtual Blue Bird we have a dedicated event management team, which will support you with any event planning or to which you can delegate the entire organization of an event. Given our extensive experience in event management, we will be able to maximize the impact of your event despite any constrains regarding budget, timeline or location. Our team will guarantee that your guest/attendees will leave the event deeply impressed.

Our event planning covers all aspects of the event ranging from organizing the venue, sending out the invitations, tracking the RSVP, arranging for catering and transportation. In order to for you to be able to fully focus on your event, we will anticipate your every need might it be a last-minute hairdresser appointment, the proper attire or a welcome speech.


Corporate Image Design and Enhancement

Keywords: logo design and enhancement, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook profiles, Blog design and maintenance.

At Virtual Blue Bird we are dedicated to our work, we employ our best practice to help you build or enhance your brand image. Our experienced graphic designers will produce the logo which reflects your image and identifies you as a brand. Logo design is one of the most difficult yet most important elements of your corporate design as the perfect logo will convey the mission statement, values and passion of your company.

Another key element of your brand or personal identity is the way you present yourself on the web. Nowadays it is extremely important to have an online presence as business focus is constantly shifting towards the Internet and a well-designed Twitter or LinkedIn profile can act as your online business card that can become the basis for your clients to make their purchase decision. Our experts will create your social media profiles and incorporate all elements of your brand image into the overall design of these web pages.


Marketing and PR

Keywords: marketing, promotion, development strategy

In order to increase sales, gain brand awareness and achieve sustainable competitive advantage, your business needs a strong marketing strategy. Our experts have a strategic perspective, along with an understanding of marketing and its integration into an overall corporate strategy and structure. With an understanding of your business strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats, we can help you to develop a marketing strategy which will help you to gain access to new markets and bring forward your new business ideas to grow your market share.

Our services cover a wide range of marketing activities such as product development, promotion, distribution and pricing. All you have to do is to give us your objectives, time frames and an indication of your budget and we will deliver a solution. This could range from strategic planning to tactical activities, market expansion, a PR campaign or a new venture to support your existing business.


Sales Techniques

Keywords: sales techniques, customer relationship management

Each product/service is unique and therefore requires a tailored sales concept which will work well with the product's features and benefits. You have probably selected the sales team and now it is time to take action and you want to ensure that the way you sell the product is appealing to customers. The choice of the right sales technique is vital for the growth and development of your business.

Our sales experts can guide you through all the steps and stages of various sales techniques and help you choose the one which fits your business model and the targeted market. We know how important to retain the customer is, but attracting new customers is even more rewarding. Our approach will enable your staff to build a solid customer base and to establish lasting relationships with the clients, which will increase your sales and benefit the client.


Staff Management

Keywords: staff management, employee motivation and performance

With today's steadily increasing workload, there is often no time for staff management. The organisation of staff and delegation of tasks can free up your time and unlock your potential to concentrate on top priorities.

The initial development, implementation and continuous adjustment of a staff management plan can be onerous and time consuming. Here at Virtual Blue Bird we have the experience and a proven track record to support you through virtual coaching for any of your staff management needs. We will work with your personnel to direct them, help them optimise their time and promote efficiency. We will also develop a motivational program which will keep your employees working at their peak. Together with Virtual Blue Bird, you will implement immediate and long term improvement plans which will maintain efficiency and motivation in your group at its optimal level whilst adding benefit to your business.


Database Management

Keywords: Database Management, Data collection, input and extraction

Fast access to well-maintained client data can be a competitive advantage of your business and can put you ahead of the competition.

By mandating Virtual Blue Bird to manage your client database we will support you with the following:

  • Design and set-up of a client-database, which will be integrated into your existing IT-systems
  • The input of data sets
  • Elimination of redundant/outdated data-sets
  • Location and completion of missing data
  • Ongoing optimisation of existing client databases
web dev

Web Design and Development

Keywords: Web design, web solution, web development

Your online success is very important for the overall success of your business. We can offer you a unique web solution based on your requirements and your business objectives. This could be a personal page, a company's informational website or a huge portal.

Before making any recommendations, our approach is to learn everything about your business and to truly understand your needs and concepts to ensure that our ideas and suggestions are based on the identity of your company and your plans for its long-term development. We have experience and web solutions to build an effective, affordable and technically excellent website for your business. Virtual Blue Bird also provides full-cycle web development services as well as logo design, website redesign and company identity design.


Content Writing

Keywords: Content creation, content writing, content production

Our team can create and write content in a wide variety of topics and subjects, from marketing, business and management, to finance and economics. The content will be written according to your specific guidelines, or if you are unsure of the type of content required, our creative team can help provide you with a solution.

We offer content writing for a range of purposes, including blog posts, articles for SEO purposes, training documents, web copy, manuals, reading materials and much more.


PowerPoint Presentations

Keywords: Powerpoint, Presentations, Pitch writing, Speech notes

We can provide professional PowerPoint presentations suitable for a range of scenarios, including pitches, meetings, online presentations, training sessions and lectures. High-quality presentations will be created based on your requirements - you can send us content in note format and we will transform the information into a captivating PowerPoint that can be used for informational, explanatory or educational purposes. If needed, we can also provide speech notes to accompany any presentation.

online content

Producing online content

Keywords: Online content, educational materials, e-learning

As the world responds to the outbreak of COVID-19, our specialist team has been busy helping individuals, businesses and institutions to move their content online. The demand for virtual working and learning has increased dramatically over the last few months, and our team is ready and capable of helping you convert information into interesting online, interactive materials.

We can provide electronic versions of content currently existing in physical or printed form, as well as helping to push other materials online that can be used in an interactive way. Our researchers and virtual assistants can also help to locate existing information online to support your educational purpose - whether this is online journals, charts and information, or video content. Whatever your requirements, we are here to help facilitate the move into online working and e-learning.

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